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After spending time as a painting contractor in suburban Chicago and selling wine for Gallo and an independent wine & spirits distributor in Colorado, I chose a career that would enable me to help business owners protect their assets and improve the bottom line. I began my journey as an Independent Insurance Agent with a small agency in Loveland, Colorado in March of 1984.

After a couple of agency changes, I joined The Linden Company, a large Denver based agency in 1990. Although I represented all lines of commercial coverage, I focused on Workers’ Compensation Insurance because Colorado was experiencing a serious workers’ comp crisis at the time. Some of you may remember that rates 27 years ago were 2-3 times what they are today. I learned as much as I could about the subject and set out to help business owners deal with the crisis. I teamed up with the Loveland Center for Business Development and presented a four part seminar series at Loveland’s Chilson Center, teaching attendees the best strategies for controlling their workers’ compensation costs.

My involvement in workers’ compensation continued through the years. I chaired the BBB/Pinnacol Safety Group Program since its inception in 1997 and led the merger with the Denver/Boulder BBB Safety Group in June of 2017. I’ve been a featured speaker at numerous business groups and associations regarding workers’ comp. When the state legislature attempted to commandeer Pinnacol’s $500,000,000 surplus in 2009 I testified before the Colorado Senate Subcommittee Hearing on their behalf and was asked by Pinnacol to emcee a rally on the Capital steps. At Pinnacol’s request I provided testimony to the Governor appointed committee charged with investigating Pinnacol’s operations and addressed the issue of Med ERA before the Colorado Insurance Commissioner.

The Linden Company in the northern part of the state morphed into The Linden Company of Northern Colorado, Linden Bartels & Noe and eventually LBN Insurance. In July of 2009 I sold my interest in LBN and left my position as agency president.  With a non-compete in place I worked briefly with a marketing firm and founded Ethical Dynamics, LLC to provide ethics continuing education training to professionals.   When my non-compete expired in July of 2013, I joined long time competitor Flood and Peterson and re-entered the insurance arena.


– Mike Pierce –