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SECUREance consulting services are comprised of anything related to property and casualty insurance for the business.  If an outside expert is needed for a particular situation, SECUREance will assist to find the most qualified individual or company for the job.

A critical component of the services provided is communication with the agent. In order for the agent to do the most thorough and competitive job, accurate and timely information is necessary but rarely provided. With my experience, I know what agents need and when they need it. This can include updates, renewal estimates, financials, applications, questionnaires, and special forms. A timeline will be agreed to with the agent for each renewal and coordinated by SECUREance.

NOTE: The Agent/ Broker is expressly and solely responsible for recommending all lines of coverage, limits, endorsements, exclusions and all matters pertaining to adequacy of all property and casualty policies for the Client. The consultant will not advise, speculate, recommend, discuss or address in any way whether written or oral, matters pertaining to the Agent’s/ Broker’s responsibilities as described above.